Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ulangtahun Perkahwinan

Hari ini, 14 Disember 2008, genaplah tiga tahun usia mahligai yang kami bina.
AKU dan TEMAN HIDUPKU yang kucinta...
Moga hubungan ini dirahmati dan diberkati hingga ke akhir hayat.
Amin Ya Rabb...
Dear My Soulmate...:)

You know you're everything to me and I could never see
The two of us apart
And you know I give myself to you and no matter what you do
I promise you my heart

I've built my world around you and I want you to know
I need you like I've never needed anyone before

I dedicate my life to you, you know that I would die for you
But our love would last forever
And I will always be with you and there is nothing we can't do
As long as we're together

I just can't live without you and I want you to know

I live my life for you
I want to be by your side in everything that you do
And if there's only one thing you can believe is true
I live my life for you